"But yield who will to their separation,
My object in living is to unite
My avocation and my vocation
As my two eyes make one in sight."
from Two Tramps in Mud Time by Robert Frost

These words have stuck in my mind since the first time I heard them many years ago. Photography began as a hobby for me when I was a teenager. It became an avocation ten years ago when I began selling framed prints to medical facilities. As demand for my photographs and slide shows increased and publication opportunities emerged, photography finally became my full-tiime vocation.

This is my third career. My first began in 1973 when I graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of City Planning degree. I followed that four years later with a Master in City and Regional Planning from Harvard. In the interim I worked as a planner and zoning coordinator in Fairfax County, Virginia. If bringing order out of chaos is a requisite skill for photographers, I must have learned it there.

I chucked it all in 1981 when I earned a Master of Science in Health/Fitness Management from American University in Washington D.C. I had a passion for health/fitness that made this feel more like a calling than a change in jobs. I had the opportunity to promote health and fitness in a variety of ways, including traveling around the world as a fitness trainer for the US Navy, building fitness centers in the southeast and developing health risk appraisal systems at the University of Virginia.

As with planning, my sense of calling in health/fitness waned over time. Long story short, I felt an increasing need to pursue photography as my creative outlet. I attended seminars by the masters including Galen Rowell, George Lepp, Dewitt Jones, Rod Planck, John Shaw, Art Wolfe, Seth Resnick and Bruce Dale. I invested in equipment and traveled extensively. After 20 years in the health/fitness field, the time was right to put my energy where my heart was. To quote George Halas, "it's only work if you'd rather be doing something else", and there was nothing else I'd rather do than create images that would give the viewer a sense of peace. I think it's important that each of us has a conviction that we are here for a purpose. And I truly believe this is mine.

I hope you enjoy the photographs on this site. May they give you a sense of peace.

Soli Deo Gloria.